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Event T-shirt customization, how to customize team event clothing? Many companies regularly hold internal cultural building and team development activities every year, hoping to drive the work and status of company employees and promote better cooperation between teams.

Enterprise custom team Custom Long Sleeve Shirts holds activities to cultivate the collective sense of honor of employees and mobilize employees’ enthusiasm for work, and the activity itself is also a way of expressing corporate image and corporate culture. At this time, team clothing has become the primary element.

Team activities are generally not long, and due to the relatively limited budget, many companies will follow the principle of one-time use to customize T-shirts. This is actually a misunderstanding and a waste of resources. Well designed, not only to avoid waste, but also to become a casual casual wear in daily life.

Common corporate event team clothing T-shirt customization items include: round neck T-shirts, POLO shirts, sweaters, etc. On these clothes, the company’s logo and event theme patterns are printed or embroidered, and these items are also our daily life. It is a category of casual clothing that is often worn in life, so choosing team clothing with good quality and beautiful pattern design can not only enhance the corporate image, improve the good mood of employees participating in activities, but also become the clothing that employees usually wear casually.

For example, round-neck T-shirts Clothing Printing. In summer, T-shirt customization is the most practical and versatile clothing. Bright colors and patterns are the most fashionable dresses in summer. When enterprises customize round-neck T-shirts, they can design the event theme patterns beautifully. For some, choose high-quality round neck T-shirts, so that the event clothing produced is both prominent and fashionable.

For the image display and publicity of enterprises, associations, units and classes, advertising Custom T-shirts Printing and customized cultural shirts are more suitable carriers. Effectively disseminate the activities and put them into practice. Whether it is corporate outdoor development, team collective activity advertising, anniversary party or corporate product promotion, enrollment or student graduation commemorative class uniforms, the production cost of T-shirts design is indeed much more economical than the cost of various media advertising.

Cheap Custom T-shirt Maker T-shirt Printing Design

T-shirt custom shirt materials can be said to be very wide, generally cotton, linen, wool, silk, chemical fiber and its blended fabrics, with different functions, how to choose a suitable t-shirt surface, first of all, we must first understand the Cheap Custom T-shirt What kind of fabrics are there, so that you can choose the right one more relatively. Below is a brief introduction to the types of t-shirt fabrics.

Common T-shirt fabric classification: casual T-shirts are mostly made of pure cotton fabrics. T-shirts Design of this kind of fabric are comfortable to wear, feel good, comfortable and environmentally friendly, too thin will be very transparent, too thick will be stuffy, generally choose 180-260 grams Heavy is better. However, these T-shirts have poor adaptability, are prone to wrinkling, and are easily deformed after entering the water.

This is a commonly used T-shirt custom fabric with high cost performance. Although it is not like other high-end T-shirt fabrics, it has undergone special processing, but it is 100% pure cotton, which still maintains the superior natural characteristics of pure cotton and is skin-friendly. Good, good breathability, good hygroscopicity.

If you have a small budget and want to wear comfortably, this one is a good choice. Of course, some 100% cotton treated with special processes such as hair removal and softening are also high-grade fabrics.

This Custom T-shirt Maker cotton is made of cotton as raw material, and through various special processing procedures, it is made into high-quality mercerized yarns that are smooth, bright, soft and wrinkle-resistant. It not only completely retains the inferior natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has a silky luster. The fabric is soft to the touch, hygroscopic and breathable, and has good elasticity and drape. In addition, it is rich in colors and comfortable and casual to wear, which can fully reflect your temperament and taste. .

It is made of high-woven yarn by worsted spinning, and the mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton. Then through special processing procedures such as singeing and mercerizing, it is made into high-quality mercerized yarns that are smooth, bright, soft and wrinkle-resistant. The high-quality T-shirt custom fabric made of this raw material not only completely preserves the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton.

Moreover, it has a silky luster, the fabric is soft to the touch, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and has good elasticity and drape; coupled with rich colors, it is comfortable and casual to wear, which fully reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer. The mercerized cotton and double mercerized cotton fabrics are delicate and different from ordinary clothing in terms of workmanship and embroidery. It is recommended to find a manufacturer specializing in high-end T-shirt customization. They are more experienced.

I believe many people know that the material of this T-shirt Printing Design will be cheaper but the quality is not necessarily so good. It feels soft and thick, and it is not easy to be deformed by washing, but the wearing comfort is slightly worse than that of pure cotton. Common polyester-cotton is 80% cotton, 20% polyester or 65% cotton, 35% polyester ratio.

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This time, “personalized T-shirt customization” has become a must-have function now. Whether it is social media, search engines or even clothing purchases, personalization has begun to be pursued, and the word “customization” has become popular.

With the development of e-commerce, Cheap Custom T-shirts are no longer the right of luxury brands. Simple T-shirt customization and Polo shirts have become objects that can be customized. So many people choose to customize, so how are these customized patterns printed? what came out?

This time it has become a must-have function now. Whether it is social media, search engines or even clothing purchases, they have begun to pursue personalization, and the term has become popular. With the development of e-commerce, customization is no longer a luxury. Brand rights, simple T-shirt customization, Polo shirts have become objects that can be customized, so many people choose to customize, so how are these customized patterns printed?

The printing process is not only about printing the custom T-shirt pattern, but also printing it with texture. One of the special weapons, like T Club, supports 28 different printing processes, which not only makes the pattern print clean, but also Can be printed with texture.

However, the most common printing processes are screen printing and digital direct injection. The most commonly used by the fathers of customers like T company is the screen printing process. The editor will introduce the Custom T-shirts printing process of screen printing to you. Screen printing basically includes three processes: water slurry, glue slurry, and powder slurry.

Before using photosensitive glue in screen printing, it is necessary to prepare photosensitive glue first. The configuration time is about two or three hours. If it is needed, it must be prepared one day in advance to ensure normal use.

Gluing is a very critical link. It is directly related to the quality of the screen, and the process requirements will be relatively high. It must be coated with the effect of the same thickness of the layout, so that the printed pattern will have a more three-dimensional effect.

The coated screen should be left for a few minutes, then placed in a certain temperature oven, and baked until the surface coating is dry. On the protruding side of the Tee Shirt Printing screen printing surface, lightly paste the negative film, and then expose it through a vacuum exposure machine.

Development is a process of making images appear in the screen printing industry. The screen printing plate is taken out from the exposure machine, and then the negative film is gently uncovered, and both sides of the screen are wetted with cold water. After standing for 15 minutes, spray clean the screen printing plate with a high-pressure water gun, and dry it quickly, so that the screen printing plate will have an image.

The original pulp used for T-shirt customization is traceable to the international first-line brands. It is imported from Germany and provided by the designated suppliers.

In order to be responsible for users, the screen printing process of T-shirts is selected to be twice the process index, and the core index of screen printing is strictly controlled, which far exceeds the industry standard 100-120 mesh. , and increase the 2-3 times printing to 6 times, smooth and not fall off, lasting more vivid.

Company T-shirt Design Maker Cheap Custom T-shirts     

To customize group T-shirts, you not only need to find the right professional clothing customization platform, but also understand how the customization process of Company T-shirt Design is, and in the customization process, the fabric and style of the bottom shirt must be determined, and the For the pattern on the T-shirt, please see the introduction below.

There are many platforms for customizing T-shirts. We often feel that we can’t start when choosing. In fact, at this time, we can choose according to actual needs.

Generally speaking, there are professional customization platforms and online stores. If it is personal customization, it is more affordable to choose an online store.

If it is a group or enterprise customization, it is best to find a professional customization platform, because the professional platform usually has served many large enterprises and has been recognized, and has a professional team and equipment, and the quality is more guaranteed.

For example, Yasenman, which is chosen by big companies such as Ali, Gree, and Huawei, is trustworthy in terms of reputation and quality. Custom t-shirts are a very simple affair.

To customize a T-shirt, you only need to upload the pattern and place it on the T-shirt where you need it, then you can place an order for customization. It doesn’t matter if there is no pattern, we also have a large number of custom pattern templates to choose from.

For customized group T-shirt Design Maker, we will have professional customized consultants to connect, and all questions will be answered one-on-one by customized consultants. First of all, you need to choose the bottom shirt. Yasenman has a wide variety of bottom shirts, you can choose the right bottom shirt according to your customized needs. We provide a variety of customized categories such as T-shirts, POLO shirts, sweaters, baseball uniforms, and jackets.

After choosing the bottom shirt, the custom T-shirt enters the pattern design link. According to Yasenman’s online design editor, there is a large area for design on the front and back. If you want to customize cuffs and other parts, you need to contact customer service.

If you have already designed a pattern of Cheap Custom T-shirts , just submit it. If not, you can refer to a large number of templates and materials provided by Yasenman’s official website. All you need to do is browse them, select the favorite materials, and edit them a little.

Design Your Own Shirt Custom T-shirt Online

Both sets of Look use a brown T-shirt + off-white suit pants, but they shine because of the difference in clothing tailoring and personal aura. On the left: The large round neck loose Design Your Own Shirt is loose and stylish, using a few suit pants to grasp the balance between casual casual and capable and dignified, plus the embellishment of sunglasses and a brown briefcase, they are all big women’s workplaces A chic, suave performance.

Although the brown Best Custom T-shirt is also loose, it is more inclined to modify the body shape, hiding the tender and exquisite little woman’s heart in it. Many small girls are afraid of mopping trousers. As long as they learn to skillfully increase the waistline and use the drape of the trousers to extend the leg line, they can satisfy their psychological demands of being taller. Shallow sings and low voices, slowly narrating the tender femininity, high-level at ease.

A very important principle for choosing a white T is that it is thin and not transparent. Just like the white round neck Custom T-shirt Online in the picture above, although it is loose, it is very strong. The trimming, collar, cuffs, and looseness are all perfect. Next, the long suit pants are replaced by five-point “Dad pants”. The serious and formal tone is instantly dissipated, and replaced by a handsome and unruly neutral tone. The slender limbs and delicate skin inject femininity into the whole. Briefcase, easy to wear and look cool.

Black letter T-shirt design + blue tapered suit trousers, intellectual women’s leisure and cleanliness are combined into one through clothing, showing professional women’s style, but also using the tightened trousers to stretch the leg line.

The khaki solid color T-shirt is customized with black wide-leg pants, and a black shawl focuses on the highlights, allowing a lazy and comfortable casual attitude to prevail. I like the use of rattan bags here, which is more romantic and relaxing than ordinary business leather bags. Carry it in your hand and instantly have a magical effect of brightening.

Graphic Design T-shirts Personalized T-shirts

Text T-Shirt Custom T-shirt What words look good on the T-shirt? Sometimes a suitable text slogan is better than a fine print, both in terms of process cost and expressiveness. Today, the editor will introduce the text T-shirt to you, so what kind of words are better printed on the Graphic Design T-shirts?

As an important witness of civilization, on the one hand, it helps human beings to inherit culture.

As an art carrier we are familiar with, clothing design has always had a soft spot for words, because it is simpler and more abstract than patterns. In terms of performance.

Text T-shirts are customized for girls like me. I saw a friend post a selfie on the Moments earlier. She was wearing a white T-shirt custom with a girl like me written on it. It was the first time I saw someone wearing a T-shirt with that word. , and it’s not too low.

A girl like me can represent many meanings, and it makes people feel bright at the first sight of you, has a strong sense of autonomy, and makes people want to know what a girl like you is. . And then arouse interest in you, then go hook up with you, get to know you as a person, and go deep into your life to take a look.

Text T-shirt custom spring breeze is not as good as you. A very good TV series that aired recently was called Spring Breeze Ten Miles is not as good as you, and this sentence was also a very poetic sentence when there was no TV series.

Putting this sentence on the Personalized T-shirts will make people feel that this person is very cultured, and another is, you will feel that you may be in love and have a feeling of spring breeze blowing your face, feeling that he will like it very much. The other half, treat the other half as a treasure. This leads to people who see the T-shirt wearing this dress and think that he is a very reliable person because he is responsible for his feelings and dares to express his words directly on the clothes.

Text t-shirt custom nobody. If I see someone wearing a T-shirt with nobody on it, I would think that this person has a basic self-understanding of himself and is a very low-key person. name.

If after getting to know this person and getting to know him deeply, I find that he has more interesting sides, or that he has very strong abilities and skills, etc., I think I will appreciate this person even more, because his first impression gives me It is very low-key, Design T-shirts and after getting to know him in depth, I know that he is a capable person. This unexpected result is often the most surprising, and it will also be more sincere admiration.

Custom Shirts Online Design Your Own Shirt   

What’s the point of customizing T-shirts? Why do many people like custom-made T-shirts? T-shirt customization, as the name suggests, is to find manufacturers to Custom Shirts Online that you like. More and more, not only individuals, but also many companies are keen to customize clothes for employees. Why is T-shirt customization so popular?

Customized T-shirts can make you wear different styles. T-shirts are the best choice for hot summer clothes because they are light and breathable. But one problem with ordinary T-shirts is that they are too popular, so the meaning of custom-made T-shirts is to make our clothes different.

Such distinctive clothing can fully express the personality of young people, and since a lot of patterns can be printed on custom-made T-shirts, there are almost no patterns that are difficult to print on T-shirts, so custom-made T-shirts have become a beautiful landscape in midsummer.

It is precisely because of the unique diversity, simplification and simplicity of matching of custom-made T-shirts that we can match all kinds of people to wear and build a variety of different styles, even if it is a simple white custom T-shirt. Shirts Online Design paired with a pair of common loose pants can also give people a refreshing feeling. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, custom-made T-shirts are the best choice to lead the summer trend!

The use of T-shirts has a great influence on the customization of T-shirts. For example, whether custom T-shirts are worn for leisure or work, and what special functions do T-shirts need. Different styles have different uses. Round neck T-shirts are generally used for activities, and they are also given to customers when products are promoted. And lapel T-shirts are used as clothing for corporate employees, so the use of custom T-shirts must be well positioned first.

Fabric material also has a great influence on T-shirt customization. In the face of a wide variety of fabrics on the market, how to choose fabrics is a difficult problem that needs to be faced in the process of T-shirt customization. There are many kinds of materials for custom T-shirts. We simply divide them into three types: pure cotton, polyester-cotton, and polyester yarn. Of course, the quality of cotton is better, which is mainly reflected in sweat absorption, exhaust, and anti-pilling.

Workmanship has a great impact on clothing customization, and the same is true for clothing customization. Many companies in the clothing industry rely on workmanship, but there are also fine points, which mainly depend on the proficiency of workers in flow production.

Color has a great influence on the visual effect of T-shirt customization, such as color matching, the main color selected, etc. Different people and groups should have their own a theme tone. The color block can fully consider the group logo, the main color of the product, the target customer group and other factors. A good color combination can make the custom Design Your Own Shirt play its due charm.

Promotional Tshirt Printing Personalized T-shirts   

A very Korean fan’s custom t-shirt in early summer. Lazy loose shoulder sleeves, coupled with the treatment of contrasting sleeves, the overall look is very slender and slim. The simple letter printing Promotional Tshirt with the same color as the sleeve body is the literary and artistic tone of the small Korean style inside. Pair it with pencil pants or wide-leg pants at will.

The soft pink blue color of the customized t-shirt is the latest color of this season, which looks fresh and advanced, and is not unconventional. The small high waist design and the small loose overall shape can modify the shape of the legs, which is very easy to wear. I especially like this nine-point length, and it is very fashionable to wear any style of shoes. The design of the waist has changed from the previous buckle design, and replaced it with an elastic band with a wide waist, which is more inclusive and looks more casual and beautiful with various t-shirts.

A fun and easy-to-wear custom t-shirt! Minimalist fit, easy to wear. The distinctive feature is the letter printing on the chest, and the design of the colorful tassel pendant is even more surprising.

Fashion Tshirt Printing are customized, worry-free and labor-saving basic items, even the most simple and neat black and white models will always occupy the C position of the wardrobe, and can be matched with any bottoms. But as for my favorite bottoms, I still choose trousers, which are comfortable for walking and activities, and can wear irreplaceable chic and freedom.

All in white, the lightness of summer, the most need to wear a sense of lightness in summer, pure white T-shirt customization and trousers matching, simplicity has its own extraordinary temperament. The combination of cool white and warm white is the most practical way to wear it, but if your skin tone is not very bright and fair, it will actually look dirty and cheap. You might as well try off-white and warm white with a gentle texture.

At this time, we can use accessories to resolve the dull, the combination of gold and silver accessories, black sunglasses, and add a bit of cold and alienating temperament. You can also simply replace the lower body with light gray and light beige brown, which will not break the refreshing and lightness of summer. These two colors will also increase the texture of the entire Look.

Pair it with blue jeans, a classic timeless custom T-shirt and blue jeans for a timeless summer combination that’s not easy to go wrong or picky. Of all the jeans styles, straight-leg pants are the least leggy choice.

If you want to wear a personalized T-shirts  more elegantly, choose a fitted T-shirt, pair it with cropped jeans with exposed ankles, and choose a pair of elegant sandals. If you want to wear a T-shirt more fashionably, choose a T-shirt that doesn’t fit, a wide oversize T-shirt, a crop T-shirt with an exposed waist, paired with long-length jeans, and the trousers are randomly stacked on the pointed vamp.

Custom Polo Shirts Clothing Printing Business

Custom T-shirt fit doesn’t fit? Let’s talk about custom T-shirt fit? Recently, the editor of Yasenman learned from the customization consultant colleagues that some customized customers have some considerations for the customized version of the Custom Polo Shirts , and they are afraid that the final effect of the customized T-shirt will not fit well and the wearing effect will not be good, so let’s talk about the customized T-shirt today. Shirt custom fit.

 The picture shared now is the flower yarn sports fitness clothes, which are worn by UAE customers for fitness and exercise, and have extremely high requirements on the version and fabric. The final effect can also be seen from the feedback picture, and customers like it very much!

Clothing customization is generally divided into European size and Asian size. Due to the different structure of Eurasian races, Europeans are larger in size, and the clothes Custom Clothing Printing will be different in standard. The European size is designed according to the size of Europeans and is suitable for Europeans to wear. The size of clothing is generally two sizes larger than the size of the size. We will choose different size standards according to the specific needs of customer groups, uses and so on. So customers don’t need to worry too much!

 Most activity type Clothing Printing Business are customized, which is a common basic version, practical and comfortable! The difference lies in the details. The size of the neckline affects personal wearing experience. Some people cannot accept the sense of restraint with a small neckline, and some people cannot accept the casual feeling of a large neckline. The thickness of the neckline also affects the life of the T-shirt.

Shoulder width, whether the T-shirt fits well or not is mostly determined by the shoulder width. Cuff Size: Large for a relaxed fit, small for a slim fit. Is the waist tight? Fit and comfort are also extremely elegant.

 The basic version of the customized T-shirt seems simple, but the length, sleeve length and body width are the most elegant. One of the advantages of customization is that we can customize it according to the specific needs of customers. Brothers, after reading today’s article, what do you think? Do you want to know more about the customized T-shirt version? You can interact with the editor.

T-shirt Printing Cheap Custom Shirts

Cultural shirts Customization are divided into several categories such as corporate cultural shirts, tourist cultural T-shirt Printing , and theme cultural shirts. So what are the advantages of customized cultural shirts?

More and more companies and groups have begun to pay attention to the customization of cultural shirts. From the selection of styles and the printing process, it takes more time to pay attention and understand. So what kinds of cultural shirt customization can be divided into, and what are the advantages of cultural shirt customization?

Many well-known companies often customize their own corporate cultural shirts to achieve a good advertising effect. Clothes Custom T-shirt Printing for the purpose of carrying advertisements are a type of advertising media, and their content can be commercial advertisements, political advertisements, public service advertisements, etc.

Tourist clothes have a considerable position in the foreign tourist souvenir market. Every tourist destination, scenic spot, and cultural landscape must be accompanied by a large number of customized shops for tourist clothes and cultural shirts. Tourist clothes are the most representative of national culture, regional culture, local customs and culture, natural landscape culture and political history and culture.

From an international social organization to a small team or a band, it is always a pride to have your own clothes. Major historical themes, cultural and entertainment projects, political activities, and celebrity anecdotes will also be reflected on clothes to satisfy people’s desire to participate and commemorate. The recent theme of Hong Kong’s return in 1997 and the theme of the 1998 World Cup have brought a huge tide of cultural shirts and achieved considerable social and economic benefits.

The customization of commodity cultural Cheap Custom Shirts are the cultural shirts that enter the regular commodity circulation channels for social consumers. First of all, it is the highlight of the cultural shirt itself. Whether a cultural shirt is liked by everyone actually depends on many places. Each cultural shirt has its own highlights. Combining all the highlights creates its own unique charm, so that the majority of consumers have a bright spot. , a new look.

Secondly, the unique design concept and design style. On the road of following the tradition, custom-made cultural shirts can go beyond the constraints of tradition. Designers use new design concepts and rich inspiration to design cultural shirts that transcend tradition. Whether it is from the overall point of view or from the point of view of details, it will impress consumers. The heart makes people feel that this is not just a cultural shirt, but more like a set of works of art.