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In the 1950s, then Marlon Brando may not have imagined that the white Best Custom T-shirt the wore in the movie would become one of the most widely worn and most popular types of clothing in the world in the future.

Before that, clothes like Custom T-shirts belonged to intimate clothing and clothing worn by people at the lower end of the spectrum. They were not popular and had nothing to do with words like fashion and creativity. .

Custom T-shirt Design

Marlon Brando’s wearing in the movie may be an opportunity. After that, T-shirts began to be more and more loved by people, and the most widely talked about, and the most soulful part of T-shirts, comes from the print on it. pattern or text.

A plain Custom T-shirt Design, no matter how you change the style, will not have much features. The large-scale tailoring style may make people’s eyes shine, but Octopus believes that it has been out of the scope of T-shirts, and the pattern Decoration is the reason why T-shirts have always been so popular.

Custom T-shirt Design

An interesting graphic, a meaningful sentence, is often the finishing touch to a T-shirt, and it also becomes a way for the wearer to express themselves, making an ordinary T-shirt more meaningful and changing In other words, apart from those meager T-shirt styles, most people care about the part of the pattern and text.

Custom T-shirt Design

The patterns on T-shirts are mainly printing and screen printing, but the reason why the majority of T-shirt Design enthusiasts are fascinated by them is that they can make patterns by themselves, which makes T-shirts quite creative and tie-dyed in many cases. , heat transfer printing, or even painting directly on T-shirts, are a way for the majority of DIY enthusiasts to show their ideas and creativity.

Among the many pattern printing methods, there is a simple but very creative method, let’s take a look at its finished product first.

Custom T-shirt Design

How is the simple and elegant T-shirt Design Website pattern in the picture above printed? You can also see that the pattern of the clothes is the same as the pattern of the manhole cover next to it. This is the original interesting idea, using the underground water well cover to print the pattern.

Coffee Shop Classic Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt

Designing yourself is an expression of relative freedom, individuality, and fashion. The design of some individual Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt has a strong messy beauty and conflict. It seems to have a completely different expression from the rigor of the men’s suit, but it is actually going on. The design of personalized Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt should also follow certain design principles as when customizing clothing and tailoring suits.

Since it is a more Personalized T-shirt, why should it be designed according to certain principles? This is because although Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt are relatively simple, they are also a design, but all designs are determined by the basic principles of design. Design is a process of planning, planning, and envisioning activities that are conveyed in the form of vision. Therefore, the design on the T-shirt is not very random. It is inspired by the mind of the designer and the wisdom of the designer. .

This article studies the design of Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt from the composition of Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt. It is roughly divided into two composition methods: the first one, the design of the pattern starts from the bottom of the T-shirt, and then draws it upwards. The effect of the picture is pyramid-shaped, but the composition of this style determines the needs of the whole T-shirt. For a more delicate pattern, like a fine brush painting, every detail needs to be able to stand the test and be durable. Too thick lines should not be used, and the content of the whole picture should be rich.

The color tone of the pattern should be uniform, and it should not be too flowery, because the whole picture is relatively large, and it will make people feel tired if it is too flowery. The second type: composition on the front and back, with a ratio of three to seven points, most of the composition is on the back, and a few fonts or simple patterns are usually written on the front. The design of the back is also a beautiful landscape, so don’t worry that others can’t see the design highlights of the clothing.

In fact, the design of the back has a lot of selectivity. We can choose your favorite animals and characters for decoration; you can also choose your favorite patterns to mutate and transform into new fashion patterns.

These two composition methods are the basic principles to be followed in the composition design of Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt. According to this composition method, there will be no basic design errors when Personalized T-shirt, and the expression of personality can also become more accurate.