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Custom Polo Shirts Clothing Printing Business

Custom T-shirt fit doesn’t fit? Let’s talk about custom T-shirt fit? Recently, the editor of Yasenman learned from the customization consultant colleagues that some customized customers have some considerations for the customized version of the Custom Polo Shirts , and they are afraid that the final effect of the customized T-shirt will not fit well and the wearing effect will not be good, so let’s talk about the customized T-shirt today. Shirt custom fit.

 The picture shared now is the flower yarn sports fitness clothes, which are worn by UAE customers for fitness and exercise, and have extremely high requirements on the version and fabric. The final effect can also be seen from the feedback picture, and customers like it very much!

Clothing customization is generally divided into European size and Asian size. Due to the different structure of Eurasian races, Europeans are larger in size, and the clothes Custom Clothing Printing will be different in standard. The European size is designed according to the size of Europeans and is suitable for Europeans to wear. The size of clothing is generally two sizes larger than the size of the size. We will choose different size standards according to the specific needs of customer groups, uses and so on. So customers don’t need to worry too much!

 Most activity type Clothing Printing Business are customized, which is a common basic version, practical and comfortable! The difference lies in the details. The size of the neckline affects personal wearing experience. Some people cannot accept the sense of restraint with a small neckline, and some people cannot accept the casual feeling of a large neckline. The thickness of the neckline also affects the life of the T-shirt.

Shoulder width, whether the T-shirt fits well or not is mostly determined by the shoulder width. Cuff Size: Large for a relaxed fit, small for a slim fit. Is the waist tight? Fit and comfort are also extremely elegant.

 The basic version of the customized T-shirt seems simple, but the length, sleeve length and body width are the most elegant. One of the advantages of customization is that we can customize it according to the specific needs of customers. Brothers, after reading today’s article, what do you think? Do you want to know more about the customized T-shirt version? You can interact with the editor.