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A very Korean fan’s custom t-shirt in early summer. Lazy loose shoulder sleeves, coupled with the treatment of contrasting sleeves, the overall look is very slender and slim. The simple letter printing Promotional Tshirt with the same color as the sleeve body is the literary and artistic tone of the small Korean style inside. Pair it with pencil pants or wide-leg pants at will.

The soft pink blue color of the customized t-shirt is the latest color of this season, which looks fresh and advanced, and is not unconventional. The small high waist design and the small loose overall shape can modify the shape of the legs, which is very easy to wear. I especially like this nine-point length, and it is very fashionable to wear any style of shoes. The design of the waist has changed from the previous buckle design, and replaced it with an elastic band with a wide waist, which is more inclusive and looks more casual and beautiful with various t-shirts.

A fun and easy-to-wear custom t-shirt! Minimalist fit, easy to wear. The distinctive feature is the letter printing on the chest, and the design of the colorful tassel pendant is even more surprising.

Fashion Tshirt Printing are customized, worry-free and labor-saving basic items, even the most simple and neat black and white models will always occupy the C position of the wardrobe, and can be matched with any bottoms. But as for my favorite bottoms, I still choose trousers, which are comfortable for walking and activities, and can wear irreplaceable chic and freedom.

All in white, the lightness of summer, the most need to wear a sense of lightness in summer, pure white T-shirt customization and trousers matching, simplicity has its own extraordinary temperament. The combination of cool white and warm white is the most practical way to wear it, but if your skin tone is not very bright and fair, it will actually look dirty and cheap. You might as well try off-white and warm white with a gentle texture.

At this time, we can use accessories to resolve the dull, the combination of gold and silver accessories, black sunglasses, and add a bit of cold and alienating temperament. You can also simply replace the lower body with light gray and light beige brown, which will not break the refreshing and lightness of summer. These two colors will also increase the texture of the entire Look.

Pair it with blue jeans, a classic timeless custom T-shirt and blue jeans for a timeless summer combination that’s not easy to go wrong or picky. Of all the jeans styles, straight-leg pants are the least leggy choice.

If you want to wear a personalized T-shirts  more elegantly, choose a fitted T-shirt, pair it with cropped jeans with exposed ankles, and choose a pair of elegant sandals. If you want to wear a T-shirt more fashionably, choose a T-shirt that doesn’t fit, a wide oversize T-shirt, a crop T-shirt with an exposed waist, paired with long-length jeans, and the trousers are randomly stacked on the pointed vamp.