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High-end T-shirt Customization

“Only after the process of purchasing clothes embryos can T-shirts be regarded as a standard product.”
In Liu Chao’s view, if you want to control the clothing supply chain to ensure product stability, it is not the best solution to operate the entire chain by yourself, because the chain is too long, the cost is too high, and the water is deep.

Therefore, U-T’s solution is not to touch the supply chain, but to only do a very shallow layer: that is, to develop a system to connect the supply chain, and focus on tracking and tracing the status and monitoring the chain. Custom T-shirt Pattern are considered a standard product from the beginning of purchasing clothes embryos. Therefore, the monitoring system of YouT starts from the process of purchasing clothes embryos.

This system can directly monitor each process in the T-shirt manufacturing process, and if there is a problem in the supply chain, it can be traced back to specific links and factories. Through the integration of the monitoring system for the back-end production, the problem of loose information and decoupling of the links in the clothing customization supply chain in the traditional way is solved. For front-end consumers, T-shirt customization has also become a process of “online ordering – supply chain system – platform tracking”.

But it is difficult to completely solve the problem of unstable clothing supply just by monitoring the chain. In terms of specific processes and links, U-T’s measure is to find good brands as much as possible to cooperate and solve the problem, so that these brands can guarantee the operation.

In the process of becoming an excellent T, one of Liu Chao’s biggest impressions during the whole process is that the biggest problem in the industry is that he can’t find suppliers with stable quality and ready stock. “No one is willing to stock up on all the manufacturers. And it’s really hard to be stable.

We have searched in China, and some suppliers can give you a good experience at one time, but they cannot guarantee a long-term stable supply of this quality. Because the cost of this piece is still very high, suppliers have to stock hundreds of thousands of pieces each time. In the end, we found two satisfactory ones, both overseas, one in the United States and one in Japan. “

By monitoring the chain and seeking good supplier partners, U-T hopes to achieve better quality control and more stable capacity supply. Before becoming an excellent T, Liu Chao also tried to move the Teespring model, which was successful in foreign countries, to China, but in the end it was unsuccessful. Liu Chao said that the main reason is that the initial cost of acquiring customers from the C-side for Custom T-shirt Pattern crowdfunding is very high, and the situation at home and abroad is different. In China, DIY T-shirts are still a relatively small way of expressing attitudes. The thing is, the penetration rate is not high.

But this does not mean that there is no market for T-shirt customization in China. After investigation, he found that the current large demand for domestic T-shirt customization comes from the B-side, and the cultural shirts or activity T-shirts of startups and small and medium-sized enterprises occupy most of the proportion; and the batches of B-side T-shirt customization are relatively different in printing and content. The standard, at most, is the difference between color and size, so it is better to start. In addition, starting from B-end users with higher customer unit prices will also help YouT differentiate itself from other players when it enters the market.