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Sweater customization is a must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe. It is also a favorite of major brands. Whether it is a fashion brand or a street brand, a series without a sweater seems to be incomplete. It is a versatile and stylish tool for everyday wear. So what brand should you choose if you want a T-shirt Design Website custom sweater?

T’s sweater customization classification is divided into thin and thick. In the previous article, the editor has shared the hot-selling TY series and classic series. Recently, we have a new sweater.

Secondly, the Custom T-shirt printing process is selected. The screen printing process customized by T company has a maximum number of 200 meshes, at least 6 times of printing, and the printing is delicate and toothless; the color paste of Japan DIC Co., Ltd. is used, and the printing material is environmentally friendly, bright and durable.

Customized sweaters can add your favorite patterns to the sweater while maintaining the basic trend style, which has become a sharp tool for this autumn concave shape. Hooded sweaters are more trendy than round-neck sweaters. Novices who don’t know how to match them should try to choose black, white and gray colors when choosing clothes. It is less prone to mistakes. The black sweater is very simple and versatile, and the pattern on the chest makes The sweater is not monotonous and has a good decorative effect.

The white sweater T-shirt Design gives a pure and fresh texture, which is very suitable for wearing in early autumn, and white is easy to control and has no difficulty in matching. Mix and match to create a whimsical impression.

 The stitched sweater is loved by everyone because it is dynamic and more innovative. Use it on the sleeves, shoulders, inside of the body, and hem of the sweater. Heterogeneous splicing at the neckline, sleeves and hem creates a two-piece visual effect, which is fashionable and rich in layers.

 Sweater custom graphic printing can always express your ideology more vividly than words. The posture of the patterned characters seems to be the external catharsis of the self, so people are more and more willing to choose the representative portrait decoration. Animal prints were very popular last year, showing the harmony between man and nature. However, this year is still dominated by cartoon elements.

Color is a highlight of the pattern this year. The pattern will be processed into fragmented color blocks, so that the overall pattern can be expressed in the form of irregular patching, smearing, graffiti, etc., making the overall atmosphere of the sweater bright and unruly.

T-shirt Design Website can not only integrate your own personalized elements, but also independently choose your favorite styles and fabrics, and you can set them according to your own preferences. Crazy customization, a personalized customization manufacturer with its own factory, a minimum order can meet your various customization needs.