Design Your Own Shirt Custom T-shirt Online

Both sets of Look use a brown T-shirt + off-white suit pants, but they shine because of the difference in clothing tailoring and personal aura. On the left: The large round neck loose Design Your Own Shirt is loose and stylish, using a few suit pants to grasp the balance between casual casual and capable and dignified, plus the embellishment of sunglasses and a brown briefcase, they are all big women’s workplaces A chic, suave performance.

Although the brown Best Custom T-shirt is also loose, it is more inclined to modify the body shape, hiding the tender and exquisite little woman’s heart in it. Many small girls are afraid of mopping trousers. As long as they learn to skillfully increase the waistline and use the drape of the trousers to extend the leg line, they can satisfy their psychological demands of being taller. Shallow sings and low voices, slowly narrating the tender femininity, high-level at ease.

A very important principle for choosing a white T is that it is thin and not transparent. Just like the white round neck Custom T-shirt Online in the picture above, although it is loose, it is very strong. The trimming, collar, cuffs, and looseness are all perfect. Next, the long suit pants are replaced by five-point “Dad pants”. The serious and formal tone is instantly dissipated, and replaced by a handsome and unruly neutral tone. The slender limbs and delicate skin inject femininity into the whole. Briefcase, easy to wear and look cool.

Black letter T-shirt design + blue tapered suit trousers, intellectual women’s leisure and cleanliness are combined into one through clothing, showing professional women’s style, but also using the tightened trousers to stretch the leg line.

The khaki solid color T-shirt is customized with black wide-leg pants, and a black shawl focuses on the highlights, allowing a lazy and comfortable casual attitude to prevail. I like the use of rattan bags here, which is more romantic and relaxing than ordinary business leather bags. Carry it in your hand and instantly have a magical effect of brightening.