How Much T-shirt Printing Cost

However, the “attitude” of a certain T-shirt is slightly arrogant, and it does not avoid being beaten. It is recommended to consider it carefully. This store is also a store that focuses on original design. The style is relatively literary and fresh, full of poetry. However, it may still be a new store. There are not many T-shirt styles, but the design feels quite creative, and they are not interesting styles that are easy to bump into shirts. It is worth a try.

The Custom T-shirt Pattern with a sense of age are mainly printed on some slogans with characteristics of the 1970s and 1980s. Coupled with the matching of worn-out fabrics in the Ami khaki style, they look more retro and nostalgic, and the probability of daily bumping into shirts is particularly low.

Custom T-shirt Pattern

In addition to the slogan Custom T-shirt Pattern with a sense of age, other T-shirts with text printing are also very interesting. The style is relatively small and fresh, which is very suitable for literary boys and girls.

T-shirts are also mainly printed with text slogan. In addition to the current popular stalk printing on the Internet, it also has a series of T-shirt Customization such as mahjong and constellations, each of which is very simple and creative, making it more individual and playful.

Custom T-shirt Pattern

And it also accepts T-shirt customization, you can decide whether to print the pattern or the word, and where to print it. It is very suitable for customizing two couples commemorative models with the object, or giving it as a gift, and the price is not expensive.

The prints in this shop are different from the ones we used before. They mainly use the manuscripts/famous paintings of foreign artists as the pattern design. The style is relatively retro and artistic, which is very beautiful and interesting. I feel that the art students will compare like.

Custom T-shirt Pattern

And the version is also a casual style that is versatile and does not pick your figure. The quality of the fabric is also quite available, and the upper body is very textured, which makes it more trendy and stylish.