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Product Features Of Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt

You must have noticed that the Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt tailoring process often wears clothes. The main part of the clothes is composed of different parts. Sleeves, collars and bodice are stitched together to make up our garments. Consumers can understand this concept, and there is not much difference in wearing experience.

Seamless tube weaving: Simply put, it is a production method in which a radius is set, the body part is woven directly by the machine, and the collar and sleeves are finally sewn, which saves workers’ sewing time and production costs.

Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt

Normal Sewing: By cutting out the front and back panels of the body, sew the body from both sides. The basic structure of common tops, the difference between the two sewing methods is whether there is sewing thread on the side. Knowing the above basic knowledge about Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt, we can start to see the quality of several T-shirts I wear every day.

Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt

Uniqlo’s AIRism series has been well received for its quick-drying characteristics. Although its main component is blended with polyester fiber, it has good fit and breathability. Therefore, I also like to wear this line of T-shirt Customization from Uniqlo as a base in summer.

Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt

Product features T-shirt Customization: The surface is made of cotton fabric, and the inside is made of AIRism fabric, which is comfortable to wear. Loose fit, trendy at the moment. Incorporating innovative elements and current popular, airy designs, the trendy LifeWear series is presented.