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High-end T-shirt Customization

I can’t help but praise myself for being a girl with strong hands-on ability. I spent 35 yuan to buy a few fashionable High-end T-shirt Customization, and I feel fashionable by wearing the quilt!

Make a fuss about the sleeves. In fact, celebrities also like to transform High-end T-shirt Customization into more suitable styles. For example, the sleeves of LadyGaga and Gigi Hadid’s High-end T-shirt Customization are rolled up recently, giving people a casual feeling.

High-end T-shirt Customization

The most common way for Lady Gaga to roll up her sleeves is to roll the edges slightly, which is suitable for use on High-end T-shirt Customization that are a bit oversized. Gigi especially likes to turn short sleeves into a vest, which is suitable for girls with thin arms.

For small people, short TOP is the most suitable T-shirt for summer. However, it is quite difficult to buy the most suitable length, and the most convenient is DIY transformation. For more expensive High-end T-shirt Customization, rolling up the edges and tying a knot at the back is perfect.

High-end T-shirt Customization

Of course, the direction of the knot does not need to be too fixed, and it is also a good reference to be oblique to the waist and directly in front. How to wear a minimalist T-shirt in a variety of styles? Nowadays, many big-name High-end T-shirt Customization will have digging designs, or irregular holes, or consciously or unintentionally lazy strapless shoulders. In fact, these designs can also be DIYed by yourself.

High-end T-shirt Customization

If you want an off-the-shoulder feel, one can cut the seam of the T-shirt directly, but in this way, the clothes may be thrown away after wearing for one season. The other is to cut a small hole under the seam, which can make the ordinary T-shirt more design.

K Shuai also wore a T-shirt with holes cut at the cuffs. In fact, he can use his imagination freely which part he is more confident in!

High-end T-shirt Customization

Now many businesses like to carry out promotional activities, so in addition to some promotional activities to attract customers, they also need to have a uniform dress, so how to customize promotional High-end T-shirt Customization, and where to go? This article will tell you the answer!

Vintage Circus Poster Men’s Classic Custom T-shirt Printing

In fact, many young people now want to have their own exclusive clothing T-shirt, with their own name, birthday, symbol, or their favorite idol, favorite logo, favorite text, etc. on the clothes to show their own. something unique.

It’s like my previous school uniform, the back is a blank white space, so many friends draw and write on the back, so that every school uniform looks the same, but if you look closely, each has its own style. . In the past, this method can only be done by hand-painting, but it is troublesome for friends who do not know how to draw.

Custom T-shirt Printing

But! Now there are customized clothes that can meet our ideas – Customized T-shirts, not only can show our personality, but also refuse to bump into shirts! Fashion T-shirts, you can also customize them yourself! Come to T company to customize T-shirts to meet your needs All personal needs!

Customized T-shirts must be diverse. For example, hip-hop and two-dimensional elements must be a major direction that young people like. Trendy culture is different from popular culture. “Tide” is excavated from within and does not need to meet everyone’s needs; while “popular” is more about following steps. “

Custom T-shirt Printing

If you want to print your attitude and ideas on T-shirts Printing and express them through clothing, let’s customize creative T-shirts together. What are the custom printing processes for t-shirts? Specifically, it depends on your price positioning. If it is a large batch, it is the most printing process to do glue or water slurry. Pull printing, imitation pull printing is also very popular in recent years. Processes like flocking, bronzing, imitation bronzing, etc. are very common.

Custom T-shirt Printing

Custom T-shirts Printing hand-painted printing is done by hand using a pen to draw on the T-shirt. The commonly used pigments are textile dyes and acrylic paints. Because it is hand-painted, the experience and technology of the painter has a great influence on the entire printing process. And once an error occurs, it is inconvenient to change. The paint and crafting costs for hand-painted t-shirts are very high.

Custom T-shirt Printing

Screen printing, simply speaking, is that if the pattern of a T-shirts Printing has three colors of red, yellow and blue, it needs to print three versions, one for each color, and most of them are spot color printing in China. Screen printing can be mainly divided into: water slurry printing, glue printing, ink printing.

Coffee Shop Classic Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt

Designing yourself is an expression of relative freedom, individuality, and fashion. The design of some individual Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt has a strong messy beauty and conflict. It seems to have a completely different expression from the rigor of the men’s suit, but it is actually going on. The design of personalized Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt should also follow certain design principles as when customizing clothing and tailoring suits.

Since it is a more Personalized T-shirt, why should it be designed according to certain principles? This is because although Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt are relatively simple, they are also a design, but all designs are determined by the basic principles of design. Design is a process of planning, planning, and envisioning activities that are conveyed in the form of vision. Therefore, the design on the T-shirt is not very random. It is inspired by the mind of the designer and the wisdom of the designer. .

This article studies the design of Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt from the composition of Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt. It is roughly divided into two composition methods: the first one, the design of the pattern starts from the bottom of the T-shirt, and then draws it upwards. The effect of the picture is pyramid-shaped, but the composition of this style determines the needs of the whole T-shirt. For a more delicate pattern, like a fine brush painting, every detail needs to be able to stand the test and be durable. Too thick lines should not be used, and the content of the whole picture should be rich.

The color tone of the pattern should be uniform, and it should not be too flowery, because the whole picture is relatively large, and it will make people feel tired if it is too flowery. The second type: composition on the front and back, with a ratio of three to seven points, most of the composition is on the back, and a few fonts or simple patterns are usually written on the front. The design of the back is also a beautiful landscape, so don’t worry that others can’t see the design highlights of the clothing.

In fact, the design of the back has a lot of selectivity. We can choose your favorite animals and characters for decoration; you can also choose your favorite patterns to mutate and transform into new fashion patterns.

These two composition methods are the basic principles to be followed in the composition design of Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt. According to this composition method, there will be no basic design errors when Personalized T-shirt, and the expression of personality can also become more accurate.

How Much T-shirt Printing Cost

However, the “attitude” of a certain T-shirt is slightly arrogant, and it does not avoid being beaten. It is recommended to consider it carefully. This store is also a store that focuses on original design. The style is relatively literary and fresh, full of poetry. However, it may still be a new store. There are not many T-shirt styles, but the design feels quite creative, and they are not interesting styles that are easy to bump into shirts. It is worth a try.

The Custom T-shirt Pattern with a sense of age are mainly printed on some slogans with characteristics of the 1970s and 1980s. Coupled with the matching of worn-out fabrics in the Ami khaki style, they look more retro and nostalgic, and the probability of daily bumping into shirts is particularly low.

Custom T-shirt Pattern

In addition to the slogan Custom T-shirt Pattern with a sense of age, other T-shirts with text printing are also very interesting. The style is relatively small and fresh, which is very suitable for literary boys and girls.

T-shirts are also mainly printed with text slogan. In addition to the current popular stalk printing on the Internet, it also has a series of T-shirt Customization such as mahjong and constellations, each of which is very simple and creative, making it more individual and playful.

Custom T-shirt Pattern

And it also accepts T-shirt customization, you can decide whether to print the pattern or the word, and where to print it. It is very suitable for customizing two couples commemorative models with the object, or giving it as a gift, and the price is not expensive.

The prints in this shop are different from the ones we used before. They mainly use the manuscripts/famous paintings of foreign artists as the pattern design. The style is relatively retro and artistic, which is very beautiful and interesting. I feel that the art students will compare like.

Custom T-shirt Pattern

And the version is also a casual style that is versatile and does not pick your figure. The quality of the fabric is also quite available, and the upper body is very textured, which makes it more trendy and stylish.